The MNMB Story

It is said that the best place to hide something is in plain sight. Gone are the days when these magical amulets had to be hidden in obscure, and sometimes uncomfortable places, to keep it a secret and to conceal it from those who opposed the very notion of it, when the regimen is to keep it with you at all times.


The mojo bags readily available in most metaphysical stores are very obviously 'gris-gris bags'; already giving away the very purpose that they are intended to serve; which if seen, might be misinterpreted by those who do not understand it, and or the possessor might be mischaracterized for something sinister. Who needs that kind of vibrational cross current?  Thus, the Manifest Now Mojo Bags were born. So why not bring out the glamorous Manifest Bags that so elegantly and brazenly contain your scripted desires; keeping it close to you like your personal genie, and in your sights as a constant reminder to keep your eyes on the prize of what you have created and what are now manifesting?  If "feeling is the secret", then think of the Manifest Now Mojo Bag as your portable vision board, or a luxurious genie in a fabric that accompanies you wherever you go because that is the feeling it inspires; further energizing the content in your Manifest Bag, because "where attention goes, energy flows", and that's the feeling MNMO wants to bring to you.

MNMO has, in its own way, blended all these paths in a simple, effortless, elegant, glamourous, chic, stylish, trendy, and freestyle way, to bring you closer to the realization of your heart's desires, whether materially or spiritually, with these handmade Manifest Bags/Mojo Bags. 

                                                                                         - Cheers!, MNMO

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